Cellulite: Formation, Causes and Treatment

As a woman grows older, there are many types of skin conditions that one would be encounter. For most of the time, these conditions are just left untreated since they do not pose and significant alteration to a person’s lifestyle.

But there are also conditions that one would want to get over with since its appearance is not good at all. And among these skin condition is cellulite formation.

What is cellulite?

celluliteCellulite is manifested on the skin as dimpling or nodularity of the skin. This cellulite formation on the skin is due to the herniation of the subcutaneous fat to the skin surface.

Normally, the subcutaneous fat is located below the epidermis.

However, if there are any breaks into this dermal layer, the subcutaneous fat could fit its way to this breakage and would protrude to the skin surface thus causing irregularities and nodularities on the skin.

Who gets to be affected with cellulite?

Cellulite formation is more common among women of the post-pubertal age group. This is due to the fact that as a woman grows older, there are more fat deposits that are being produced due to the hormone estrogen.

However, if there is excessive fat formation under the skin, this could go up and bulge into the skin surface causing the cellulite formation. So it is not necessary that the older you get, the more cellulite you would have on the skin.

It is more of a fat principle that the more fat you’ll have, the more chances for cellulite to form under your skin.

What are the common causes of cellulite formation?

Having cellulite does not mean you are obese since there are other conditions that may cause the appearance of cellulite on a woman.

These other causes are poor diet, slow metabolism, lack of physical activity, hormonal changes especially that which involves estrogen, dehydration, total body fat and thickness and color of your skin.

Genetics also play a role when it comes to cellulite formation. So if your mom has it, there is also a bigger chance that you might get it too.

Can cellulite be treated?

Since cellulite formation is basically due to the abnormalities of your adipose tissues or fat tissues, then there are creams and treatments that one could use to reduce the appearance of your cellulite.

One common treatment is the cellulite cream which you could apply topically on the affected areas of your skin to prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The only downside to these creams is that they have not been proven to be effective and there are other people who get irritation from using the creams.

Other techniques such as liposuction are effective in removing fat deposits in your body. Therefore, with the decreased amount of fat in the body, it could follow the disappearance of cellulite too!

However this technique is quite expensive and there are some clinics that offer fake liposuction therapy that may do more harm than good.

So it is always to consult your physician before you take any actions to your cellulite since they are the only ones who could help you safely and effectively.

What Causes Dark Circles to Develop under the Eyes

There are several people trying to look for the secret to removing those nasty looking darkened circles under their eyes. It can be rather unsightly to look at, and one suffering from such a condition may actually appear quite tired all the time.

It’s also a sign of aging, which is a very natural human process that everyone has to go through. However, there are many people who wish to get rid of these dark circles, and they’d resort to the utilization of invasive procedures such as laser therapy, microdermabrasion and the like.

However, these aren’t the only options which they can avail of. However, the option to be chosen would depend a whole lot on the reason why these dark circles have developed in the first place.

These circles would come about under different circumstances for different people as well. Some may suffer from such due to their genetic makeup, in which relatives have also acquired them.

There are also some cases wherein people develop dark and puffy eye bags due to sleep deprivation and a lack of proper rest. Other reasons could also be allergic reactions to food and medication, or even unhealthy practices like smoking and drinking excessively.

Whatever the reason may be, it would wise for someone to make certain changes to their lifestyle if needed.

Below are some essential tips that people with darkened eye bags should consider in order to restore that youthful appearance on their faces.

  • It would be smart to get enough sleep at night. Most people often spend late hours just trying to take care of certain matters, such as work or even household chores. Others would spend a lot of time watching TV or surfing the Net, not realizing that they’re actually not getting any proper rest. If that’s the case, the body will start to experience certain changes, such as blood flow pooling in the skin around a person’s eyes. It would also be wise for someone to put a cold compress on their eyes every morning as they wake up.
  • chocolateHowever, if this is the case, one should actually consume foods and drink beverages which are filled with tons of antioxidants. These foods include chocolate and green tea. It’s also wise for people to start looking into fish containing omega-3 fatty acids to improve blood circulation in their skin. Getting enough Vitamin C will not only help in the restoration of complexion and tone, but can even enhance a person’s immune system.
  • Allergic reactions are pretty common when it comes to food, and the development of these darkened circles would be one of the side effects. Antihistamines can work quite effectively when it comes to dealing with allergies, along with creams that contain Tretinoin in order to increase collagen production in the dermis. Eye creams are pretty effective, especially with a lot of them containing natural ingredients based from plants and herbs.

These are just a few tips to get people started on dealing with dark circles under their eyes.

Survival Skin Tips: Preventing and Reducing Scars

What do you get when you venture outdoors for the first time? How long did it take you to recover from your first ever bicycle accident? Why did you have develop these off-hue, flat and/or raised skin issues?

Scars aren’t exactly the perfect skin mix-up. They are skin concerns which are already the main complaints of many consumers worldwide.

Scarring, as a matter of fact, is a normal healing process that the body undergoes to repair the skin. However, when the skin produces too much collagen scarring becomes too much to handle. Overgrowth, then, becomes evident in the form of a thicker skin over the affected areas.

Can it be reduced? Yes. Though treatments are already available in the market, many still opt to reduce scar visibility without spending too much.

How can you minimize scar appearance, then?

Here are simple tips which you can do to at least cover up the unwanted scar façade.

  • sunscreenWear sunscreens. UVA and UVB rays aren’t especially helpful when you have scars. According to Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, a dermatologist in California, the sun is a culprit to unnecessary hyperpigmentation. It is important that you use sunscreens with at least 30 SPF and contains zinc or titanium oxide – 2 chemicals which are extremely helpful in keeping UVA and UVB rays at bay.
  • Usage of silicone gel sheeting. Every day use of silicone sheets over the affected areas can prevent the scars getting worse. A Florida dermatologist claims that for best results, silicone gel sheets must be used for more or less a period of 3 months.
  • Concealers can make a cover. Not only can concealers resolve baggy eyes and dark circles under the eyes, they can be your partner in making scars fade a little. Choosing the perfect concealer is the trick. Sometimes, applying concealers become frustrating because you tend to use just any type of concealer. Here are some simple notes to remember: 1) for a reddish or pinkish scar, use a concealer with a green undertone, 2) for a brownish scar, use one with a yellow undertone, and 3) for scars lighter than your skin tone; pick a concealer that is exactly like your skin tone. Additionally, remember to buy water-proof concealers. Otherwise, you will be re-touching minutes after you have made-up.
  • Petroleum jellies over fancy creams. The market is an arena of cosmetic products. Creams with cocoa butter and Vitamin E, promising to deliver scar-free days, aren’t fully studied at all. According to some experts, it is of more value if you use petroleum jelly rather than these fancy creams.
  • Bleaching creams can be used to keep scars away. The most common creams are composed of whitening substances usually in the form of retinoids – Vitamin A derivatives which are studied to have decreased hyperpigmentation on many occasions. Retinoid-based creams, though, may induce hypersensitivity. It is important that you take care in using any of these creams. If you are dubious or are suffering from allergies, do ask a medical expert.

Female Enhancement: The Best Products Of 2013

It is now 2013. In other words, if you are suffering from the wrong selection of female enhancement products, you also have to consider changing your choices for the better.

By doing so, you would be able to ensure that the onset of the year for you would perfectly be intimate, sensual, as well as perfectly repaired compared before. You have to bear in mind that sex is a great factor in marriage.

In that case, you have the responsibility to ensure that you would take care of this factor for the sake of your relationship.

There are various products out in the market right now. However, you are not aware of the previously rated top products in the market this 2013.

You have to keep in mind that being updated with the top products would definitely give you better investment in no time.

In order to provide you 2013 are best female enhancement products, here are the following:

  • HerSolution

This is the product that has been long queen of all female libido enhancers since last year. As of now, it still reigns as the best product in the market. It would still give you assistance in restoring your sex drive and it could also increase your libido.

Furthermore, it is designed in order to provide you multiple orgasms. Plus, the product is simply safe, which would definitely assure that you would have natural sources of support, such as Hops extract, Niacin, Ginkgo Biloba, Mucuna Pruriens, as well as Tribulus Terrestris.

This product is known to provide noticeable increase in sex appetite in as little as 7 days. Moreover, it could provide you faster and more lubrication in the vaginal area.

Also, it would provide you genital regions’ intense sensations. Plus, it could give you added anticipation and fantasies of sex.

  • Provestra

This is a product that is made of a blend of herbs, which are filled with nutrients and aphrodisiacs. The product would definitely give you treatment over your imbalances.

In addition to this, by just taking it once daily within 3 days, you would definitely see results in no time. It would provide you responses and lubrication that are improved, sensations that are heightened, as well as overall improvement of sex drive.

In addition to this, Provestra could effectively address your issue regarding vaginal dryness. It could also help you improve your climax for better sex.

  • HerSolution Gel

HerSolution GelAnother product from HerSolution has taken the spot of best female enhancement products of 2013. This would provide you results in as little as 7 days. In addition to this, it could mimic the natural lubrication of your body, which would result in better sexual encounters.

In addition to this, it could intensify your sexual desire feelings and heighten your pleasurable touch sensitivity. In addition, it could keep you slipper, warm, and wet in just a single application.

It could also push you towards the orgasmic climax’ edge. It has everything you need to restore the sexual pleasure you enjoy with your partner.

Breast Enlargement and Surgery

The complicated area of remedying breast size issues is surgery. Though it isn’t latest in the breast enhancement industry, it is still deemed to be current, updated and evolving from time to time.

Breast appearance issues are concerns which women these days face on a daily basis. Who didn’t have any issues on their breasts?

It is rare that women find themselves contented of their breasts. At some point, breast enlargement procedures are techniques even you might have entertained for a second.

As the media become more open to its views on womanhood and femininity, women battle with the pressure of being a part of the image that the society demands of them.

The image of which emphasizes the main and most appealing assets of being a woman – perfection in the face, body and manner. For women to fulfill this esteem need, breast enhancement started to rise up in demand.

Aesthetics is the main reason why girls seek breast enlargement strategies. In turn, the beauty they attain add to their confidence and esteem.

More than beauty and perfection, however, is the therapeutic use of breast enhancement procedures. These usually include reconstruction of the breasts after a major surgery or to correct congenital and/or underlying medical disorders.

Breast Augmentation

breast mammoplastyA rampant surgical procedure since the 1980’s, breast augmentation or breast implantation or breast mammoplasty is a popular technique most often undergone by many female consumers.

How popular?

According to statistics, in the US alone about 300, 000 women undergo this procedure on an annual basis. This type of cosmetic surgery gains a large amount of revenue annually.

What happens?

After thorough evaluation for appropriate qualification, your physician will schedule you for an elective surgery (a surgery dated and timed according to your preference). Local or general anesthesia may be given.

Either way, the mechanism of this preparation is to keep you from feeling anything during the whole operation. Your surgeon will make incisions on your breasts usually under the breasts or near the axilla (armpit).

The doctor will insert the implant, be it silicone or saline, underneath the muscle layer or the fatty tissues. After which, he or she will stitch back the incised skin.

A grapefruit shaped implant usually gives you more cleavage while a tear-dropped shaped one gives you the classic and natural look.

After the Procedure

Here are some things that you should remember after the surgical procedure.

  • It takes about 2 weeks for you to get back to your usual routine. Weight lifting or strenuous workouts, though, should be postponed until about 6 months after the procedure or until the surgical wound had healed entirely.
  • Receiving phone calls can be a frustrating endeavor. Lifting the whole of your arm requires tension that can cause pain and discomfort.
  • Use ice compresses to alleviate swelling and discomfort.
  • Never neglect to comply with your follow up consultations. After surgery, you will be required to attend follow-up consultations to assess the progress of wound healing and the adaptation of the body to the implant.

Exercise – Good for Cellulite Reduction?

If there’s one question that’s being constantly asked by a lot of women these days, it’s how they can prevent the formation of cellulite in the body.

It can be extremely daunting to a woman’s psychological, emotional and social state if they’re dealing with soggy skin around the thighs & buttocks.

As much as they’d like to get comfortable and wear skimpy clothes during the summer, or even bikinis while out at the beach, they’d hesitate to do so in fear of getting mocked & ridiculed by onlookers.

The thighs would appear similar to cottage cheese, wherein they’d be dimpled. This is caused by the storage of fats developing in the subcutaneous layers of the skin. With that thought, it surely can be an ugly sight to look at.

However, cellulite is nothing permanent. Despite what naysayers would say about women having to live with it for the rest of their lives, they can still do something to ensure the significant reduction of its appearance.

It may seem like a clichéd piece of advice, but exercise truly does help get rid of it. Exercise, in the most general sense, is good for a person’s overall well being. In fact, there are many people who have implemented it in their lives in order to appear fit and healthy.

For women who are concerned about cellulite, they can simply look into the following points.

  • While most people opt for cosmetic or even surgical treatments, these can all be quite expensive in the long run. With exercises, one manages to stick to a healthy and regular routine that can improve their health significantly. The implementation of exercise regimens can surely help in burning up all those calories that people have consumed over time. Fatty deposits will be burned up, which will then make way for muscle tissue to build up.
  • A benefit that people would take pleasure in when it comes to exercising is that it actually helps enhance the metabolic rate of an individual. Initially, those who have sedentary lifestyles would feel exhausted quite easily, but as they keep exercising, they’ll eventually boost their endurance levels. This will help them burn off those stored fats more efficiently as they continue on with their routines. They’ll be able to endure longer periods of exercise while burning off the fats.
  • exercisingExercising will also help improve the circulation of blood in the body. The reason why these fatty deposits get stuck in the thighs and buttocks is because there isn’t a proper flow of blood around those areas. The fats will just keep accumulating over time. Therefore, when one engages in cardio vascular training on a regular basis, they’ll be able to improve their blood circulation, thus leading to better overall health.

Exercise will definitely be a boon to those who are looking to get rid of cellulite.

So long as they remain determined and committed, there isn’t any reason why they’ll have to continue living with such a condition anymore.

Dark Circles: Best Food Categories For Treatment

You have to bear in mind that foods would play the role of taking care of your skin all the time. This is due to the fact that foods would always give you the idea that by fueling your body with enough vitamins, you would find your body functioning properly.

In that case, you have to assure that your systems would work efficiently by getting enough fuel to work from your healthy choices of foods.

You could not just live by eating unhealthy and empty foods, which may satisfy you, yet would just give you the dilemma of post health effects.

In addition to this, your choices of foods would also matter in terms of treating a lot of conditions or ailments, either simple or severe. For instance, you are having problems in terms of your dark circles.

In that case, you could simply select foods that would not cause your dark circles to become prominent over time. Bear in mind that dark circles are caused by your blood vessels that are obviously becoming eminent.

There are various food categories that would successfully help you in reducing dark circles.

To give you few of the food categories, here are the following:

  • Vegetables

These foods would always be necessary to assure that your body gains beta-carotene amounts for stimulation. This category of food would give you healthy eyes and positive reduction of dark circles.

One good example of veggie to add into your meals is the carrot. This vegetable is helpful in improving your eye health by maintaining the normal function of your epithelial tissue.

In addition to this, vegetables contain iron, which is necessary to keep your blood vessels supplied with oxygen and nutrition.

  • Vitamin A Foods

This set of foods would undoubtedly give you benefits through providing you enough anti-aging advantages. Moreover, vitamin A foods are rich with antioxidants, which would promote flushing away toxins from your body.

In addition to this, the foods could even help you solve problems with your kidney and liver. The foods you could list under this set are pumpkin, carrot, dried apricot, as well as spinach among others.

  • Protein Foods

You also need a lot of protein foods to assure that you would lighten the prominence of your dark circles. In addition to this, the said foods would even help in promoting the regeneration of your cells.

You could simply add lean beef, chicken, as well as tuna in your diet.

  • Vitamin C Foods

These foods would keep your collagen formation being done. Moreover, these foods would give you protection against free radicals, which damage your skin.

papayaYou could simply add parsley, Brussels sprouts, papaya, as well as kiwi among others in your food list.

The above foods are just few of the choices you should focus on. They would be great alternatives to your poor choices of foods.

They mostly contain nutrients, which are necessarily needed by your skin to keep on functioning properly. Moreover, they are effective in promoting general skin benefits.

Laser Resurfacing and Scars

Scars aren’t the perfect buddies to flaunt under the heat of summer. At some point, scars induce psychological and emotional stresses that can only be allayed when these scars disappear.

Though inevitable at many instances, there are ways to treat these skin hitches. And yes, it will require you to invest time, money and effort.

Elementary Principles of Scarring

Scars result from wounds or cuts which healed overtime. A more severe cut would usually result to more prominent scars. But why do they develop in the first place?

Generally, scarring is the body’s way of repairing itself and closing a cut. They are, most of the time, invisible. However, some individuals are more prone to develop visible scars (may be raised or off-tone ones).

Too much collagen production is deemed to be the main culprit as to why these scars came to be. According to experts, scars frequently develop on areas which are under tension most of the time.

Understanding Laser Resurfacing

laser resurfacingIf you are looking for an updated way to get rid of scars, laser resurfacing is among the procedures sought by many consumers worldwide. It is known to be a resolution to many skin irregularities – scars, blemishes and wrinkles.

What happens is that the skin is placed under short, concentrated beams of light which are aimed to remove the skin layer by layer (as if peeling them off). Technically, it removes the damaged skin cells on a superficial level.

The Mechanism

Otherwise termed as Laser Peel or Laser Vaporization, Laser Resurfacing may act on 2 ways – via carbon dioxide or erbium.

Ebrium Laser Resurfacing removes surface-level and discreetly deep skin problems such as wrinkles and scars. What’s most beneficial with this type of resurfacing is that it has fewer side effects (bruising, redness, skin irritation and burning).

Recovery time, generally, is faster – about a week. However, it might vary depending on the client’s presented case. For clients with a darker skin tone, it is the best option to take.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing has always been a renowned method to treat scars, wrinkles, warts and all other common skin hitches.

It makes use of very short pulsed energy lights or continuous beams of light delivered in a scanning manner to remove the skin layers one at a time. Recovery period, though, takes up to 2 weeks.

The Expectations

  • It is an out-patient procedure which can be done within the comforts of your doctor’s clinic.
  • Local anesthesia may be given. However, if the treatment will involve a large area, general anesthetics may be given.
  • 24 hours after the procedure, you are expected to clean the area 4-5 times a day and treated with ointments such as petroleum jelly. The purpose of this home treatment is to prevent scab formation which might result to future scars. The areas would generally heal for about 10-21 days.
  • Steroids might be prescribed to resolve swelling. For minimal swells, cold compresses may be done.
  • Oil-free cosmetics may be used once the skin fully heals.
  • Medical consult is needed.

Female Enhancement In Comparison: Provestra VS Hersolution

Improving the health of your reproductive system could be very easy only if you would practice a good lifestyle every day. You have to bear in mind that the systems all over your body would depend on how you treat your body.

In addition to this, without you following a healthy lifestyle, you would likely be doomed in a life wherein all you are doing is preventing or treating a condition from worsening.

You have to be reminded that you have the choice to live your life to the fullest. In addition to this, it is also about being healthy.

You have a lot of options around you. For instance, you are experiencing decline in your female libido. In that case, you could consider improving it using certain supplements.

In actuality, there is a possibility that you have heard of the best enhancements in the market, which are HerSolution and Provestra female enhancement pills. However, you are not still certain which one is preferable over the other.

In order to provide you facts regarding the two, here are the following:

  • HerSolution Enhancement Pills

This is considered to be the best when it comes to treating low libido. In addition to this, it could help you rejuvenate the old you when it comes to fun provided by sex.

HerSolution Enhancement Pills are basically among the best herbal supplements, which would definitely give you aphrodisiac properties. In addition to this, the pills would help you have increased energy.

Furthermore, HerSolution Enhancement Pills could help in reducing the stress from your body. The product is made of the highest quality extracts from herbs and plants. With the help of the supplement, you could increase your desire and libido for sex.

In addition to this, it could give you greater lubrication and quicker arousal. Furthermore, the product could aid in increasing the sensation by stimulation. It would offer you multiple orgasms and even fewer mood swings.

Also, it could lessen the cramping you are feeling with the added reduction of menopausal symptoms.

  • Provestra Enhancement Pills

Provestra Enhancement PillsProvestra female enhancement pills would provide you the highest quality of nutrients, herbs, as well as aphrodisiacs, which would definitely balance the nutrients and hormones in your body, which are all associated or related to the health of your reproductive system.

It would help you solve your issues regarding the hormonal changes brought by menopause, post-pregnancy, monthly menstruation, as well as exposure to synthetic estrogens.

This medication is formulated in order to naturally bring back the balance in your body. It would offer you sped up total body arousal. Moreover, it could increase the lubrication in your vagina.

Furthermore, it would offer you sexual sensations and added passion for better intimate encounters. It would also give you pleasurable orgasms in no time.

The comparison between the two would definitely give you confusion after all. This is due to the fact that both are natural and would certainly give you the benefits you are looking for a certain female enhancement pill.

Breast Enlargement By Workout

Do you belong to the half of the female population wanting to have bigger breasts? Well, everyone might have mused over it at least once in their entire lifetime, didn’t you? Most girls did. And it isn’t unlikely that you did too.

The question is why. To make it simpler, both men and women find women with bigger breasts more attractive. And that’s not just the media or the fashion industry talking.

A survey conducted in the recent year found out that men and women find larger breasts as appealing assets. Translating it to a more understandable language, when you have a bigger bust size you are more beautiful.

Breast enhancement products are at their peaks in the market. The hype of this seemingly in-trend concern, female consumers are driven into a buying frenzy.

It seems that suddenly all women wants to have a bigger pair of breasts. The market became a venue for both prescribed and over the counter methods, be it in the form of drugs, devices or strategies.

Do consult your doctor. It is advisable that both dubious and informed consumers seek an expert’s opinion before plunging into any of these strategies. Then again, why not consider the natural options? After all, you can always perk your days with these simple exercises at the comfort of your room.

The Basis

Underneath your fatty pair of boobs lie your chest muscles which when tones can emphasize the contour and appearance of your breasts. What can you do?

Butterfly Press

  1. Butterfly PressSit upright or in an inclined position.
  2. Make use of your dumbbells as weights while you extend your arms forwards.
  3. Repeat this routine for 3 sets with 1 set composed of 12 repetitions.

Pectoral Press

  1. Be on a supine position (on your back) on a flat surface. You can make use of the clean floor or an even bench.
  2. Bend your knees slightly.
  3. Use about 3-5 dumbbells (depending on how comfortable you are).
  4. Extend your arms outward while carrying the dumbbells still, bring them in towards your chest, hold for a few seconds and lower them down.
  5. Repeat this 10-12 per set, thrice.

Push Ups

  1. Be on a prone position (lie on your stomach).
  2. Aligned and flat, put your hands evenly on the floor.
  3. Cross your legs.
  4. Using a steady yet forceful energy, push yourself off the ground until your arms are on a full extension.
  5. Remember to keep your back straight and your body parallel with the floor. Keep your chest from having contact with the floor.
  6. Do this for 2 sets of tens.


  1. Stand a foot or two away from the wall.
  2. Put your hands on the wall firmly, evenly and flatly – parallel to your chest.
  3. Using an even pressure, push yourself to and fro the wall.
  4. Do this for 2 sets of tens.

If you are not buying breast enhancement ads, natural workout might work best for you.